How to Create Page Rule to Bypass a Folder on Website

Hello All,

I’m very green to Cloudflare and am confused about how to bypass a folder on my site. I have a membership plugin that isn’t protecting some files (they are visible) due to Cloudflare caching.

I only need this folder which will hold a variety of files like docs pdf’s, mp3’s. I’m not clear on the page rule that will cover this folder. For example, which would work if either:*

Much appreciation for the help.


I’d go with one like the second one: **
It will match www and non-www, plus everything in that folder. And set that Page Rule “Cache Level” to Bypass Cache.

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Thank you so much for replying. Just a side note. I did place the rule in. I’m using memberpress and I’ve placed a rule there as it’s required /wp-content/uploads/sfiles/

I’m still seeing the files if I copy the link to a private browser window. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong?

You may have to clear the Cloudflare cache (Purge Everything). Hopefully after that, your membership plugin will block direct access to those files (if that’s how it’s supposed to work).

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