How to create domain -> server IP:port redirect via DNS?

I have proxied DNS and Full (strict) encryption mode here on Cloudflare for my domain and
On the same server (same IP) I made via docker a private script to generate the RSS links from Telegram channels and groups.
Now I need to configure the 3d level domain (like to be redirected to the particular port 9504. Like this - to create the RSS link with this script.
What should I do on Cloudflare to point out this to 9504 on my server?

Use origin rules to point at port 9504 on your origin server…

I need the rule example screenshot to understand all this dosumentation.
I suppose it is something like this, but I am not sure:

Change URI full contains https://....
to hostname equals

So, now should I add this domain to my server or no need?

Do you mean add to your DNS? Yes, you must add an A, AAAA or CNAME record for that points to your server. It must be proxied for the rule to work.

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