How to create DNS ALIAS on Cloudflare

Hi All,

I am currently trying to move a client domain from AWS to Cloudflare.
The current provider has sent me the record and he wants the following setup on Clouflare.


Primary Domain :
Record Type CNAME

(This part I have already done)

Second part is what I am not sure how to do.

Record Type: ALIAS

Please let me know how I can create this type of ALIAS record on Cloudfalre.


“ALIAS” is not an RFC compliant DNS record. Your best bet is to use a CNAME instead.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Will a CNAME work the same way as an ALIAS does?


ALIAS is not a standard type of DNS record. How do you expect it to work?

The most likely scenario is that you cannot have a CNAME at the root of your domain ( This is a limitation of the DNS protocol. Some providers have custom DNS types to get around this limitation, and they do some magic to return the expected result to users. In the case of Cloudflare, they call it CNAME Flattening. You just create a normal CNAME, and using magic, they return the relevant IP address when requested (as if you had entered an A or AAAA record).

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