How to create an exception for the exact domain from wildcard configuration?

I am using Cloudflare Access to protect my whole environment. However I need to create one exception - publish one subdomain so people can access it without authentication.

Currently I have configured one application with domain: * and I would like to configure specific subdomain: to be public without auth.

Right now, I have created another application with the exact domain ( configuration and Allow Everyone policy, however I think the first one (wildcard one) is matching everything and hence the second application/policy (with specific url) one does not work.

Does not work means the authorisation is required.

How to achieve this?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Note: I have read Application paths section in docs, but it seems like it does not work for wildcards too…

When multiple rules are set for a common root path, the more specific rule takes precedence.

It seems like I have to create Policy under that application with Bypass and Everyone… and it works!

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