How to create an email list?

I need to create an email custom address (like [email protected]) that behaves like a list, multiplexing messages to a bunch of destination addresses.

I have no idea how to make it work, and I couldn’t found any doc about it.

Cloudflare doesn’t do that. You will need to configure that on your destination mailserver.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately the destination mailserver is the ■■■■ Gmail :person_shrugging:, that tries very hard to make things very uneasy.

Is there any way to use an email work for it?

If your are on Google Workspace you should be able to create email enabled groups.


Have you tried one of the other 27,392 email providers available on the internet?


@cscharff You answer was very unpolite. Would you either try to change your workflow due to a specific tool’s missing obvious feature, or simply ignore it?

Use your brain to answer instead of your gut, it isn’t very nice to mock who needs help.

Unfortunately I’m not. By the way, that’s right the reason why I’m using Cloudflare: I opted to pay for Cloudflare services, which I find to be the better of both, instead of Google Workspace, which is bloated, confusing and unfairly expensive.

In what way is Cloudflare better than teh Googles workspaces?


I wasn’t mocking you, just mocking Cloudflare’s email routing services. Unless you’re attempting to forward email for a throwaway domain, where you care nothing about actually receiving emails… it’s worth exactly what Cloudflare charges for it. That is me being polite.

Use another service. Any other service.


You aren’t just unpolite, but you’ve been totally a d1ck. Not even balls to admit you were trying to mock me you got.

If you have no helpful suggestion at all, please take back and don’t bother me.

Cloudflare Email Routing is a very simple forwarding service that is only capable of delivering to one destination address for each domain email address. It is not capable of replacing a full service email solution. You cannot send email with it, either.

A web search for affordable domain email :search: may help you find an alternative that is suitable for your needs.


Thanks. I reckon it could be a nice feature to be implemented for Cloudflare Email Routing though.

That has been submitted as a Feature-Request if you would like to show your support.

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I had been working in a ISP and mail provider for some years, and I know by experience that that’s not completely true. It just takes one mail-list rule customisation – it’s called multiplex.

The question isn’t about allowing to register two destinations dirt and lazily; it’s about the good ol’ well-known mail list. We’ve done thinks like that since the 1990’s. :woman_shrugging:

What are you expecting when you say:

If you want a listserv like mailman or majordomo that’s even further away from anything Cloudflare Email Routing provides. You will not find that with a standard mailbox provider, either.

Whatever your desired outcome, it is safe to say that any type of email lists are unsupported by Cloudflare Email Routing. Cloudflare is definitely not an email provider. You may need to revist this topic on a forum focused on email services or hosting solutions. It definitely exceeds the scope of anything that Cloudflare offers.


Yeah… I had gotten that before, and I still reckon Cloudflare Email Routing could provide such trivial feature.

Thank you anyway!!