How to create a web alias

Hi! I want to create a Web alias
In the DNS settings, there is no option to create a web alias, please guide me
for reference here is an article -

That’s a proprietary feature of that vendor based on your link.

The Web alias isn’t a real DNS record, but a setting that mimics DNS behaviour and is unique to

Typically an Alias = a CNAME in real DNS terms. Their tool/utility/service does something else.

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@cscharff I tried to add CNAME but it’s not working , pls guide me further .

That’s not very descriptive. Were you able to create the DNS record?

yes ! I was able to create a DNS record @sdayman

And? What’s not working? Is there an error message?

If you’d like more specific guidance, please post an unedited screenshot of that CNAME record.

@sdayman yes there is an error message , pls guide me further

It sounds like the “web alias” is more towards domain masking, which means client browsers see but it’s actually fetching content behind the scenes.

As what @cscharff mentioned, the “web alias” thingy is a proprietary feature of, and this is not something Cloudflare has supported natively - creating a CNAME will not mimic the behavior of “web alias” in this case.

If you really want to achieve the same behavior in Cloudflare, it’s not totally impossible but extra work needs to be done just to replicate the behavior - such as writing your own Cloudflare Workers code as a workaround.

You may refer to this:


@erictung yes bro ! I created the CNAME but there is always error showing with the webpage

What is the error?

The webpage is not showing , that’s the error

There’s an error… can you be more specific?


  1. Are you the owner of the domain?

  2. Please attach an error photo. Thanks

1 yes I am the domain owner
2. 17.11.2021_08.23.59_REC <<<<< here is the link

Ok, please provide the original domain and the alias domain, thanks.

alias -

Yes , you are right @erictung , I want to do domain masking

and please guide me more about that how can I implement domain masking with Cloudflare workers

You should talk to the domain owner of and have them create an alias of shop pointing to whatever you want to redirect to. doesn’t exist, you can’t magi another domain’s DNS entries.

I am the domain owner @cscharff