How to create a toplevel forward with CNAME flattening?


I registered a toplevel *.de domain (at netcup). I don’t have a webserver, and simply want to link my domain to a static webpage on

Now I thought the CNAME flattening could provide me a redirect to my static google page just by DNS records? I’d prefer not having to buy a webserver for this simple task.

I’m able to change the DNS server to cloudflare at my domain company. Which records would I have to set so that I could take advantage of the flattening, if it’s the proper solution at all?

Thanks for any help

That doesn’t sound like a Forward. More like a CNAME delivery from another source. However, root-level CNAMES aren’t RFC compliant, which is why those who do this use the ‘www’ hostname instead.

You can configure the root domain to forward to the ‘www’ subdomain.