How to create a TLD nameserver?

How to create a TLD nameserver using cloudflare regular services. Can’t afford to scale to expensive enterprise plans …Can anyone help ?

We are looking to become both a domain registry and registrar services. I am looking for a nameserver that will direct the ping from the Root zone to an Auth NS.

Root zone here in this case is the Handshake blockchain and I am using Route53 as the Auth NS.

I can see the building blocks of it on cloudflare services…though it may not be readily packaged and available as a ready product since its a not a very regular requirement…i was wondering if i can work with any of the existing products to make it work atelast as a MVP.

Cloudflare doesn’t offer that sort of solution, and if you were to contact them I’m sure it’d cost the same or more for such a custom product offering - especially on DNS zones Cloudflare can’t verify the authenticity of (HNS). My guess is that the contract regarding liability alone would require CF spare a few hundred hours of legal expenses.

I was going to disagree. Cloudflare already offers Authoritative DNS (the main DNS offering), is a Registrar (so they must have an ICANN contract), as well as hosting the F-root under contract to ISC. There are not too many differences between a regular authoritative zone and a Registry zone, maybe a .brand TLD would like to use CF and simplify their operations.

And then I saw that it was actually another cryptoscam.

I see your point on coudflare not having a ready product :frowning:
HNS is of no concern to cloudflare since the switchover is done at the user end. By the time the query comes to CF is just plain old fashioned DNS query.

I am going to focus on the information in your mail and ignore the last bit. But thank you nevertheless :slight_smile:

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