How to create a subdomain

How do you create a subdomain with Cloudflare?. Our domain is with godaddy but they say we can’t create the subdomain there because they say they can’t update the domain settings and add the CNAME, which is for the subdomain, since they do not have visibility to the domain settings since our dns is set to Cloudflare with them.

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They shouldn’t create the CNAME because they indeed can’t.

Ask them to do everything they need to do except for adding the CNAME, and to tell YOU what CNAME they would have added. Then, use their information to add the CNAME yourself in Cloudflare’s DNS tab.


P.S. They might be narrow-minded and refuse, but there’s not much to do in that case, side of switching your nameservers on your registrar back to GoDaddy while first making sure that their DNS has all the DNS records that Cloudflare currently has, losing Cloudflare service on the way, adding the CNAME, taking notes of the CNAME they added to their DNS, adding the same CNAME in Cloudflare, and then switching your nameservers back to Cloudflare. Or switch to a more sensible hosting provider…

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