How to create a subdomain and direct to Active Campaign

Hi community,
I have a landing page created in Active Campaign. We’ve also put a pixel on the
landing page in AC.I’ve been advised a better way to go is to create a custom domain - so we can have better tracking as we need to verify my domain on Facebook. This means I need to create the subdomain and then point it to the Active Campaign customer domain. Does anyone know how to do this. I’ve tried several ways and continue to get this message in Active campaign when I go to link it to my newly created subdomain
“The domain does not appear to be registered or propagated properly by your provider”.

I’ve also sent this problem to Active Campaign to seek their assistance.

Follow Cloudflare’s side of the setup here: Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

And follow Active Campaign’s side of the setup here: How do I set up a custom domain name (CNAME) in ActiveCampaign?

In essence, if your ActiveCampaign account is and the custom subdomain you want to use is, from your Cloudflare dashboard, you’ll create a CNAME record mapping: =>

… and then add your custom subdomain to your ActiveCampaign account.

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