How to create a rtmp server by Cloudflare Tunnel?

Hello, I’m newbie here so this question might be stupid.
I registed a domain in cloudflare, and I created a rtmp server using a node.js module named ’ Node-Media-Server ’ . But I don’t know how to active the rtmp protocol with port 1935 so that I can stream from my mobile while I’m outside. Any ideas?

You can have a look at this, but you’ll have to use your internal ip directly instead of a domain.

Using your domain would require you to use the Arbitrary TCP function, which needs Cloudflared to be installed on the mobile device as well.

Not impossible according to Cloudflared on Android - #7 by kai-cloudflare, but probably not what you want.

Alternatively, you could use your domain and set it to DNS-only, but that would share your private ip with everyone.

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