How to create a redirect, that works with HTTPS?

I want to redirect all traffic from one domain to another.

For example: should redirect to

I successfully managed to do this using “page rules”.
Unfortunately you need to create a DNS record for page rules to work.

So I create a CNAME record that goes to a subdomain that I don’t use:

CNAME (Cloudflare proxy active)

Redirecting works fine for

But when I go to I get a ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error on Chrome (similar error for other browsers).

Please help.

Here’s a simpler method:

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Thanks for the link.
This is exactly what I did, but the HTTPS version seems to give me the error I mentioned.
Any solution to this?

Actually I found out something odd.

I have 2 records similar to:

A foo

I also have 2 page rules:

Rule 1:*
forwards to htps://$1

Rule 2:*
forwards to htps://$1

It looks like htps:// works fine.
But htps:// does not.

Note that HTTP varients of all of them works as intended.

I had to call it htps instead of HTTPS, becuase the forum bizarrely doesn’t allow me to place more than 2 links for new users.

but my real rules use https:// . Not htps:// won’t work because:


That’s annoying. Thanks for the help!

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