How to create a redirect "That Pages Doesn't Exist" page?


I want a way to have any visitor that accidentally types-in or clicks on a page URL on our website that is no longer available (not sure if this is called a 404 redirect page or ‘this page doesn’t exist anymore’).

I’ve already created a custom page that basically says "Sorry, this page doesn’t exist anymore, click here to go back to our homepage’) but not exactly sure how to do this ‘redirect’ maneuver.

P.S. I’m using a WordPress plugin to build my website and upon contacting them they said the following:
“Create a global ‘404’ page, or local funnel step (both designed however you like) - Then adjust your URL redirect settings in your DNS (using the page/funnel step link(s)) to account for the potential typing errors.”

Other than coding a Worker to do this, this has to be handled at your end.

Since you’re using WordPress, why not a plugin like this?

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