How to create a page for subdomain

Currently i have a domain which is managed by Cloudflare which is “” and need to create a URL which is “Nuraniah Training Center” , I can create the first part which is the subdomain but the last part which is “checkout_app” not sure how to do it so is there is anyone can assist me further in that ?

Domain is added to your Cloudflare account, or rather to someone else’s?

Are you using Cloudflare Workers, or rather need something like Page Rules or even Transform Rules?

May I ask is the physical part “checkout_app” actually located at the origin host / server or not?
I am asking this as far as I am getting error 404 nginx (ubuntu) which seems to be comming from the origin host / server:

In terms of Nginx, you may be missing a location block location /checkout_app {} in your .vhost file for sub-domain?

Or, rather wanting to do something with Cloudflare Workers for that “checkout_app” path?

Thats actually my question the part "checkout_app " is not located at any where i need to know how to create it to be able to redirect a specific web page to this new URL

I believe this should be done at your origin host / server, if so.

Otherwise, you could create a Page Rule which would do redirection from for example “old URL address” like, so wehn someone visits this “old URL” it would be redirected to the new one

It would look like below example:

Redirection, if using Cloudflare, can be achieved by using Cloudflare Page Rules (above screenshot of an example of it for your case).

May I suggest looking into below articles if interested and for more information about it:

this is been really useful but just one last question plz ,What if i need to redirect from an external website that hosted in a different provider not cloud flare how can i link it so i can forward specific page from it to my subdomain page

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May I ask, do you manage this external website/domain?

If yes, then, you could achieve this in different possible multiple ways:

  1. If you are using a web server Apache, you would create a new rewrite rule for that specified path in the .htaccess file located inside the root /home/, /public_html/ or /web/ directory.
  2. The same, but if using Nginx then it would be a slightly different syntax and you would use .vhost file
  3. If it is a WordPress website, you might need to install some plugin for managing URL redirects like 301 Redirects – Easy Redirect Manager – WordPress plugin | or Redirection – WordPress plugin | (otherwise, manually codding as described here: wp_redirect() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources)
  4. If using some other app, you would have to look up for their documentation about rewrites and URL paths, if so.

Example step-by-step tutorial can be found at the links from below:

If not, then I am afraid you would have to contact someone, either find a Website manager or owner, and provide them what you need, in hope they can do it for you.

Hi there, if you want to create a subdomain then you can simply create a CNAME record of eservices in your DNS and then point it to your host.

If you have created the cehckout_app page then in the target or host you can simply put the address of that page, Let me know if it helped

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