How to Create 2 Different CloudFlare DNS For Single Domain


We are using your services for our domain name and now we want to create a sub-domain name to be directed to a different Cloudflare DNS. Is it possible to do it and how can we do it, if possible?

Our current domain name is and it is directed to doug. ns. Cloudflare. com and jillian. ns. Cloudflare. com DNS addresses. The sub-domain name we are going to create is and it needs to be directed to selah. ns. Cloudflare. com and zahir. ns. Cloudflare. com addresses.

Thank you in advance.

You should be able to create two NS records under miyavliyo for ‘shop’ that point to the two other name servers.

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Is it right like this?

Thank you.

That’s my best guess. It’s a bit of an odd setup, but that’s how to delegate name servers for a subdomain.

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There seems to be some errors when I check but it might be because the other party did not add subdomain to Cloudflare yet

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I am not quite sure what you are trying to do but this is most likely not going to work.

What is shop supposed to be? A proper domain or just a hostname? In either case you won’t be able to add it in that way. You have to manage that via your own account or use a CNAME setup, in which case nameservers are not relevant either.

In short, remove these two NS records and describe what you want to achieve.


It sounds like there’s a third party that runs storefronts and they use Cloudflare. So, anybody who wants to use that storefront needs to delegate their “shop” subdomain over to this third party’s name servers.

I’m not sure why this third party doesn’t just use a CNAME setup.


The whole thing simply won’t work. The domain itself is already on Cloudflare and can’t be added again. If shop is a domain, it can’t be added either, because it’s not part of a public suffix. If the whole thing is a CNAME setup, then you can’t manage this via this account either.

The OP is setting something up which can’t work and already noticed that because it doesn’t work.


Agreed, but…hey, someone set up “shop” on another account and wants to resolve the subdomain this way. Delegation is the way and it’s always up to whoever set up the destination to ensure that it works. I can play along with that.

I am curious as to where @DincMedya got the instructions to do this, though.

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Someone could not have set up that hostname, because that would mean that person controls the domain in question, which gets us back to the original account. Someone with those nameservers could have set up and this also gets us back to this won’t work.

@DincMedya, I can only repeat.


Yes, I will receive the service from a 3rd party and they are using CloudFlare. They are going to add the sub-domain name to their account and redirect it to their servers. How can we do this with CNAME? They gave a CNAME but we weren’t able to make it work

As we said, they need to have it properly set up at their end. I don’t think elasticbeanstalk is using Cloudflare. They’re using Amazon DNS.

If you’re going to use a CNAME, it’s best to start it in :grey: DNS Only mode.

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The website works now as http but it doesn’t work as https. What do we need to do for SSL?

You don’t need anything. The origin (elasticbeanstalk) needs to add your subdomain to their SSL.

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The other party says that they provided ssl with CloudFlare, not AWS. They wrote me that we need to add it. They are not well informed on the subject either.

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