How to copy over DKIM TXT record of length > 255 from cpanel

I want to introduce a new site to my cloudflare account, but it comes with a DKIM TXT record which is longer than 255 characters in length, and as of current cPanel’s settings it is broken into two parts.

Apparently, according to this thread of their community forums it doesn’t make any difference if they break it up into parts (at the time of creation or behind the scenes), but I need to be sure, as this is an active domain.

Also, do I have to introduce a blank space between the two boxes when I copy the record over from cPanel to CloudFlare, or not?


I am using cPanel on a few domains too.

And always copy-pasted full lenght, worked fine.

Despite the “split” and quotations " ", there shouldn’t be any in between.
In terms of adding a “blank space”, you shouldn’t add it.

Can you post your domain name here?
Therefore, after you add your domain name to your Cloudflare account, validate the DNS records, we could check this too and suggest if anything is wrong with it.

Make sure your site is secured using an valid SSL certificate (HTTPS) before moving to Cloudflare :wink:

Yes good job on work

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