How to convince my users that Cloudflare isn't evil?

I run a federated social network server “” , it’s just for fun and more of a community project for conspiracy heads than an actual replacement for Twitter etc…

The issue I’m having is that the majority of users won’t sign up because I’m using Cloudflare. It boils down to one thing: Cloudflare is Evil - in their eyes.

I’ve been with Cloudflare for years and they’ve been absolutely amazing. Not just with the service, but with their support and the special account they gave me for , because of the backlash I was getting for daring to help activists and the likes.

Is there any advice you can give me to help convince my potential followers that Cloudflare is actually a very good corporation and there’s nothing to be worried about? I’ve tried saying it like that, but these people just don’t want to hear it. Apparently, federated servers shouldn’t be using centralised cdn’s etc.

Ramble over :slight_smile:

It is what it is. You are by the topic of conspiracy files inviting people who are paranoid. Convincing them is more likely than not impossible. If you were trying to convince them to adopt Google, then I would agree, that would not be a conspiracy but fact. I would never use google; it is big brother.


I agree with @user1332 here :slight_smile: It’s a bit of a logical paradox … surely a typical user of a website sounding like would be the typical user who won’t give up their privacy for nobody. Sounds like a tough challenge!

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Cheers for the feedback.
I’ll work on my sales pitch a bit more :wink:

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