How to control user access to individual domains

I have 2 domains (one is on Pro plan, the other is a free plan) and I want to grant access to a developer but only want to grant access for one domain, not both.

At the moment when I go into Dashboard \ Members \ Add user it appears the new user will have access to both domains - not what I want.

How can I control the user access only for specific domains?

When you want to do stuff like that, you need to isolate accounts and use a multi-user setup.

Are multi-user accounts only available to Enterprise customers? (It appears so on the webpage you sent).

It’s available on all plan levels. The only Enterprise part of that page is the Roles & Permissions feature within an account.

Do you know how to set up a multi-user account? I don’t see this part of the menu in my dashboard:

You need to skip to the next picture. You should see a Members menu:

Yes I can see the Members menu, but when I add a user, they will have access to all domains in my account. I only want to grant them access to one domain.

The article you sent isn’t clear on how to do this. How do I grant access to only one domain?

In other words, you need a separate account for that domain, then give both of you access to that account.

Appreciate that but would be helpful if I had more detail.

Is there any step by step documentation on how to do this?

It’s a two-step process:

  1. Create a new account with that domain: Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts – Cloudflare Help Center
  2. Add multi-user access to that other account: Setting up Multi-User accounts on Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center
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Step 1:
Move domain 2 from account 1, and create new account called Account 2. Move domain 2 into account 2.

Step 2:
Account 1, Domain 1: super admin
Account 2, Domain 2: invite super admin + developer

Is this what you mean?

Pretty much. Account 2 is owned by a Super Admin (that’d be you for now with a different email address), then you invite the Dev in as a regular admin.

Got it. Thanks.

A bit clunky, but now I’m clear on how to set it up.


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