How to contact website owner?

I wanted to contact author of the website:

Most of the pages return server errors. Cloudflare says Error code 521

Here is example:

Only 2-3 links do work, the rest give a server error.

The website doesn’t have any contact information, there is an author’s website but it is static HTML without any information or links to social media.

Is there a way to request from Cloudflare to contact the author and inform him that his website doesn’t work?

I want to contact the support, it suggested writing on a forum.

Best you can do is try to look up (e.g. through Google) and see if you can find social media links or similar, and (attempt to) contact them through that.

Sometimes, a WHOIS lookup on the domain may give a link, where you can attempt to contact the domain registrant.

No, there isn’t.

It is up to the website owner to be monitoring the situation with their servers, and act accordingly, such as e.g. upgrading the capacity of their server farm, if necessary.

Even if there was, or alternatively, that you attempt to reach out via alternative channels, as mentioned above, you aren’t guaranteed that the website owner will take any action at all though.

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Thanks, I once successfully found the owner of some websites through domain registrars. I will try that since you can’t find the owner on Google. I’ve tried.

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