How to contact registrar support

How do you contact registrar domain team?

To contact the Registrar team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit and choose Cloudflare Registrar.


Thanks I have contacted them but they have referred me back to page rules

Some how someone has managed to redirect my apex domain to www

I can also see my site is running through a reverse proxy. Cloudflare didn’t answer my support queries whilst I had a paid plan and aren’t helping me now, this is the first time I have ever known for a registrar to not answer any questions whatsoever. Does anyone know how to make a registrar complaint with coiudlfare? Nominet have advised me to use their complaint process because this is totally negligent. The redirect is not in my dns records or in my page rules, so I can’t remove the redirect. My checkout page had an address in America on it with a website which is nothing like my domain that’s connected. I currently also have 967 external advertiser links on my homepage. Really disappointed in Cloudflare.

What is the domain?

Check for redirect rules here…

If rules have been added unknown to you, check the audit log…

…and resecure your account…

[add] If your problem is with page rules, it isn’t a registrar issue, so that’s why you were referred that way.

Thanks for this I can see lots of activity that isn’t me including crypto . The thing is it was a brand new email address used to set this account up. Is it possible to private message the domain as I’m aware that it’s highly likely my site was on here long before I transferred my domain here which would explain why my last host insisted I had created custom pages (absolutely not in remit)

Just out of curiosity, If I am the sole
Owner of this account, am I the admin or a user? Because their is activity from both (but I haven’t authorised anyone any access) I can’t emphasise enough that the email address has strictly been used for Cloudflare so unsure how the account was hacked

If there is activity on your account and you are the only person supposed to access the account, then your account has been compromised somehow. You will need to undo any changes and make sure to secure the account. Change password and use 2FA, especially ensure to change the global API key and any tokens.

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Page Rules and redirection are not registrar issues.

There is little point in filing a registrar complaint as nothing you described falls within the obligation of a registrar. Your contact at Nominet is not giving you sound advice.

Cloudflare provides self-service tools. When something is not working as expected it is becuase someone has configured Cloudflare in a manner inconsistent with expectations. It falls on the customer to update that configuration. If the required configuration or management exceeds the customer’s capabilities, they can hire their own staff to work on their account, but Cloudflare does not offer such service.

If managing your Cloudflare account is not something that you can handle, you can always transfer your domain elsewhere. Cloudflare is a highly technical platform and is not the right solution for everyone. Unless you use Cloudflare, there is no point in using it as a domain registrar.

Based on your post history here in the Community, I’m inclined to think that Cloudflare is not a good match for you individually. I strongly encourage you to hire a technical staff member who can make your life easier by managing your technical resources.


That’s very useful information. It’s helped no end

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And in second thoughts, maybe Cloudflare should put a disclaimer to emphasise that it isn’t worth using Cloudflare as a registrar if they aren’t a tech whizz or planing to use Cloudflare services, I did plan to use their services and I paid for 2 pro plans on 2 domains, there was no support

So whilst they are advertising their domains are at cost price, they should maybe add that it is only for people who don’t want any type of registrar support and want Cloudflare services

It’s obvious the Cloudflare registrar service is totally different to other registrar services so they need to make this clear.

I mean a domain transfer showing as a “registration” is quite alarming considering I have been the registrant of the domain since 2019, it should show as a transfer not a registration, but hey as you say it’s Cloudflare and Cloudflare registrar service is only for people who are
Tech Wiz. I mean who knew registering a domain and setting up dns records would be turned into a technical assault course

Thanks I have someone who is going to take over for me, I appreciate your support

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