How to contact Cloudflare about Scamming site using service

Hi i tried paying for a premium account for a website, i paid but never got it upgraded I got no reply nothing and trying to contact support i get temp blocked and it also happens to be the one page their using Cloudflare to protect.

I got lucky and managed to see the page with its business address, after doing some digging found there are several dozen businesses registered to the address. Some sites had info that a couple of the businesses are/is/were owned by… well i found a BBC news article about the person and their partner stealing a lot of money.

If i had access to that info from the start i wouldn’t have tried to upgrade. i was just thinking sites get attacked (stupidly). And i found a few businesses got registered to the address in the past 3-9 months. Its obvious the site is a scam NOW having access to that info their just trying to block the one page that will have people walking away.

You can report service abuse here:


If you have been scammed you need to contact the authorities in your country.
Most of the countries in the World have dedicated Cybercrime departments within Police forces that handle these kind of incidents.

If you paid by credit card you can dispute the charge for fraud, contact your card issuer.

By reporting to authorities and Credit Card companies you will also help other victims.

Sadly and also happily i ever paid by credit card really there is no way for me to get the money back, i’m in the process of contacting the police just wanted to make Cloudflare aware of whats happening with the site. So hopefully no matter how long it might take for the cops to act, Cloudflare might take action so there will be less chance the same thing will happen to someone else.

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