How to construct a http reqeust POST in Zaraz

I want to construct a http request, however I am not really finding much documentation on how to do so (suggesting either it’s obvious, or I am looking in the wrong place!)
I need to make a post request with a specifically formatted body, and request headers.
While I can see that it’s possible to construct a post from the HTTP Method drop down, it’s not at all clear to me how i add the body and request headers?

A little guidance would be much appreciated.


There’s no way currently to set custom request headers. A simple workaround would be to send things to a Cloudflare Worker, and then make the request from there as you can then configure it however you want in code.

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Thanks! - That’s actually a really, really cool work around.

suggestion - you should make that more obvious!

it’s a real neat way of triggering workers in response to client side events - this just got much more exciting.

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