How to consolidate 2 Cloudflare acounts to consolidate my domains?

How do we consolidate 2 cloudflare accounts inorder to consolidate my domains under 1 account?

If I understood it correctly, I believe you could achieve this by adding a member under the current Cloudflare account - if you add as a sub-account.

Meaning, you can manage A Account domain(s) from your B Account if it’s been added there as a member of it.

Kindly, see below article:

Or, rather something else?

Thanks for your reply, I was hoping to cancel the 1 account with one domain and move the domain over to the master account.

Do you know if this is possible?

I am sure this is possible.
I’ve done that a couple of times.

But, just to add a note, you would have to add the domain to your “master account”, therefore you will be provided by new Cloudflare nameservers which you would have to set at your domain registar.

Also, I would prefer to keep the domain on your “old” account during this process as far as if you remove it immediately, you could end up having some issues “in the air” of DNS propagation process (usually it takes up to 24 hours all around the World).

Furthermore, kindly re-check if you have got a DNSSEC option enabled or disabled - if you have it enabled, disable it at Cloudflare dashboard (DNS tab) before doing that and also remove the DS record from your domain registar, if so.

You could do it after an successfull completion of the process.

Thanks for your help, I will try this out

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