How to connect with Basic Auth?


If I have subdomain protected by Cloudflare Access how can I authenticate my request using HTTP Basic Auth?


Doesn’t looks like basic auth is supported.

Is this for some automated service where you need to be able to login without using an IDP? Maybe this helps -


That one works but need Basic Auth for access from Grafana (Elasticsearch Data Source) which has only that :frowning:


You could do that via Workers theoretically, putting them in front and checking the credentials there. It’s not Access Auth though. Don’t know if there is a way to add those credentials @Judge linked to and make the work. You can add them, but don’t think it will work as Access is probably handled before.

Maybe use a secondary path for this purpose?


Hi Matteo,

thanks for this but honestly this seems like a lot of work for a simple task which is protecting my elasticsearch cluster. I will probably have to setup nginx server on our end that will take care of this…was hoping Cloudflare Access would be easy go to solution for simple auth… :frowning:


Well Basic Auth isn’t really the best protection and also is directly supported by all browsers.