How to connect to wordpress?

I’ve been trying to find this out for ages.

So whenever I look at tutorials, it says I need to link my wordpress website with my cloudfare, but I cant make a wordpress website without linking my cloudfare first. Im obviously missing an important step here but cant find out for the death of me!

Any help apreciated

May I ask if you’re using or self-hosted WordPress installation/instance?

Usually, we’d have to have a registered and active domain name, therefore add it to our Cloudflare account and setup & configure the DNS records to make sure they’re pointed to our web hosting server where your WordPress is installed with all the content we do have.

Yes its self-hosted wordpress

Ive created and registered my domain name

but I am confused how to set up and confuigure DNS records without having any information from wordpress to put in?

how do I get here??

Your DNS records will not require information from your WordPress instance. You need the IP address of your hosting provider’s web server where you installed WordPress.

That is a question that only your web hosting provider can answer for you. Who are you paying for web hosting? That is where you will find the IP address you need to create your DNS records.