How to connect to Weebly

We have been using Cloudflare for many years. We have recently built a new website under a temporary domain and wanted to connect the new one to our domain ( The website-provider (Weebly/Square) have sent information to Cloudflare in order to help me set it up correctly, but this has not been done.

If I understand the instructions correctly, I should add three type A records (with the new IP) and that should be it.

  1. With the domain name
  2. one called only www
  3. one called only @

However, I seem to only be able to add/edit the first one. When I try to add the rest, they state that the these already exist (Code: 81057). I do have old records: one called wms, one called webmail etc and I am not sure what these do. Can I remove them safely?

I have reached out to both supports but neither help me.
Can someone here please guide me??

Thank you.


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