How to connect to FTP

Hi, I just bought a domain on cloudfare, but I can’t figure out how can I access the ftp of the domain, the domain is Drinksmp com

What FTP server are you trying to connect to? The FTP server of your web host? Who is your web host? What’s the hostname you’re trying to FTP to? If the hostname is a subdomain of your own domain, make sure the DNS entry for it is grey-clouded, as orange-clouded DNS entries will only pass HTTP(s) traffic

I would like to connect to the FTP server of the domain I just purchased Drinksmp,com on cloudfare, and I don’t know how to do it

Cloudflare doesn’t offer any kind of FTP server. At this point all you’ve purchased is a domain name, with the ability to create DNS entries for that domain name. If you want to host a website on your domain, you’ll have to first select a web hosting company or a server rental provider (VPS etc), which might or might not provide an FTP server you can use.

Cloudflare has a web hosting platform called Cloudflare Pages which might or might not be suitable for you depending on what kind of site you’re intending to host, i.e. if you were planning on needing any sort of server-side scripting, and what kind. It’s mostly for static sites, with some server-side capabilities via Workers, but it’s very different from other web hosts (no PHP etc). Cloudflare Pages sites are not managed via FTP, they’re predominately managed using Git repositories, although there should be some other options available.

If you want to research if Cloudflare Pages would be suitable for your project you could start here

If that’s not what you need, there are hundreds+ of other web hosting companies out there, or rent a VPS and manage your own server (again hundreds of company options here)


Alright, so I recommend to buy a vps, for example from ovh?

I use Hostsailor, it’s alright, haven’t used any others so can’t really compare.

With a VPS, as soon as you have your IP address(es), you can start creating DNS entries for your domain pointing to your server

going back to the original subject, when you’re creating DNS entries, if you orange-cloud them, they’ll only be usable for HTTP traffic. So if you wanted to FTP to your VPS, you’d be best off creating a grey-clouded subdomain named “ftp” or whatever


Okay, but with a vps I can do everything, don’t I have limitations? If I want to create a forum for example, can I do that?

With a VPS, you have a server with root access you can do whatever you want with, subject to RAM/CPU/disk limitations (and the provider’s terms of service). Running a web server is generally low-resource (depending exactly what you’re doing), although resource consumption will scale up as traffic increases.

I run Apache on my VPS, hosting multiple sites but low traffic, only 1 GB of RAM but I never have issues with it, only two CPU cores but active CPU usage is usually negligible unless someone is hitting some high-intensity PHP or something.

Proxying your web traffic through Cloudflare can help somewhat since Cloudflare will cache images, CSS, and Javascript files, reducing load on your server.


I have never done a site on a vps, do you know if there is any online guide or anything like that?

There should be a bunch of different tutorials online, talking about how to set up an Ubuntu VPS, or using a pre-configured WordPress VPS etc, and all asking to use their affiliate link for X credit and so on.

Just be warned, you’re going to stuff something up and things won’t always work as you expect, so it’s going to take some effort, and ideally if you know someone who might be able to help you then that will help a lot.

There’s value in paying for services that manage all this for you.

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Why not go for spinupwp, use provide them with your ssh. You can than use as many sites you want