How to connect to Cloudflare IP with low latency

Hi, let me explain my problem. I use a cryptocurrency exchanger with domain:
I use this exchanger for High frequency trading, my problem is they are using Cloudflare IP and its hard to obtain good trades, as when i try to get the trades filled another already won me as it is on a first come first serve basis and i loose the opportunity.
My current VPS is also on cloudflare with a low latency ping of 0.3 ms - 0.4 ms average. My question is: is it possible to at least obtain 0.1ms - 0.15ms? is it possible to boost somehow?

I already tried the DNS and that even make it more higher the ping. I looked all over for other VPS and its hard to find out with lower ping but still with this current VPS i cant get filled.
Poloniex reply by saying i should look a VPS in their area in Ashburn, VA… which i already looked and its even worst, my current VPS (which for obvious purpose i wont disclose as others could use it and make my low filled trades worst) is better than in Ashburn and its outside of the VA state… so please if anyone have any tip or suggestion im open, thanks.

You mean 0.3 seconds, not milliseconds, right?

For starters, whats the output of Furthermore, post a screenshot of

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