How to connect the site to the Cloudflare CDN?


I would like to connect my site to Cloudflare CDN but I don’t know how to do it?

The idea would be to try the Cloudflare CDN first with the Free Plan, then, if it works better than my current CDN, switch to the Pro plan.

Thanks in advance


Please, find step-by-step instructions including the screenshots at the below article:

Additional helpful article - Getting Started with Cloudflare :

Sure! Welcome :slight_smile:

May I ask which one? (just being curious) :slight_smile:

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  1. Sorry, I should have clarified: I already have an account with Cloudflare, as well as DNS and APO. Now it’s just a matter of connecting the CDN.

  2. Currently it is the KeyCDN. I have the site that is very fast in Canada and very slow in Amsterdam. But the original server is in Amsterdam.

I also have very strange test results, e.g. when KeyCDN is connected there is a lot of ‘cf-status: MISS’, even after opening the same page several times. The MISS are no longer there when I disconnect KeyCDN.

So I want to try something else.

Cloudflare only caches resources within the Cloudflare data center that serve the request. Cloudflare does not cache off-site or third-party resources, such as Facebook or Flickr, or content hosted on unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS records.

Cloudflare does not require an extra CDN subdomain or hostname, and you do not need to change your URLs.

There is a slight difference, may I suggest reading below article for more useful information about and better Understanding of how Cloudflare’s CDN works so far:

They are different kinds of CDNs.

Maybe you would have to look up for Cloudflare Images or even with Cloudflare Workers, if so?

May I ask is the CNAME record to your KeyCDN proxied :orange:?

Furthermore, do you use some custom-made Page Rules so it would Cache Level: Cache Everything and keep that files at the Cloudflare Edge for the defined time by Edge Cache TTL option?

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