How to connect my Domain to Cloudflare & how to to afterwards connect the Domain with the Onion Service?

I have subscribe an Domain von (what is supported on Cloudflare), and have establish an website with URL.

But I get this message, when i try connect my Domain with cloudflare:

“Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not”

My goal is to bypass the Re-Captcha with the free service “Onion Service”. But i will need some guideance how to get started.

Thanks in advance

I have connected my Domain with Cloudflare, by changing the name server.

Now i want route all traffic on my Domain through the Onion servive,
so that whoever visit my site dont get re-captcha

Can someone please give me guidance how to setup this?


Toggle Onion Routing On or Off via the Cloudflare Network app.

At least internally, the “tabs” at the top of a zone’s dashboard are called Apps

This is the network one:


You may also access it via this link

The Onion Routing option is within that App:

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Thanks a lot!

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