How to connect heroku app

Can you please explain to me how to connect my heroku app?

I have added in DNS CNAME for with value which I received from Heroku.

But when I open it fails because of too many redirects.

I asked my hosting provider for more informations but they told me to ask Cloudflare support.

It’s stuck in an HTTPS redirect loop. I suggest that you unproxy (:grey:) that record then wait five minutes, and make sure the site loads properly with HTTPS, then re-proxy (:orange:) it and make sure your SSL/TLS setting here is Full (Strict).

ttl should stay auto, right?

still not working

If it’s :grey: and still not working, that’s clearly a hosting issue, as Cloudflare is not part of that connection. As I said, once it’s :grey:, make sure the site works before setting it back to :orange: again.

It is not a hosting issue, I updated it to :grey: and it was not working.

As I said, :grey: goes straight to the host. It’s a hosting issue.

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