How to connect domain to Builderall


The registrar of my domain is cloudflare itself.

How do I connect it to Builderall?

This is the current screenshot of my dns.

Any help is most appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @judy.khoo,

I don’t know what their requirements are, but they should be able to give you a list of DNS records required, which you can then update in Cloudflare. Have they given you any instructions, at all?

Yes, they gave the nameservers.

So, I should change the nameservers in cloudflare to what they ask me to?

If you’re using Cloudflare Registrar, you will not be able to change the nameservers. You will have to continue using Cloudflare DNS and get a list of the records that you need to add there.

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Then I do not have any records that needs to be changed.

All I have is the nameservers and IP addresses.

So is the IP address ending in .41, that you have configured, from them?

No. That was from hostgator when I was doing my website over there. But it was not working at all.

And I am now changing all to Builderall, so I would like to know how I can do it properly.

You need to update those records to point to wherever Builderall wants them. You may need to check this with them.

Ok. Will do that.

Should I remove all the dns records now in cloudflare? since nothing seems to be working.

You can do, they all seem to point back to the same place, so if you’re not using them any more then yes. You can then start from scratch adding those needed by your new provider.

Thanks. Will remove them all and start fresh.

No problem, when you add the new ones, it’s probably best to set them to :grey: to start with. They they’ll bypass go straight to the new provider. Once everything is working, you can then consider switching them to :orange: to get Cloudflare’s benefits on your new site.

Sorry, what do you mean by " it’s probably best to set them to :grey: to start with"

DNS records at Cloudflare have two different proxy settings.

:grey: - this means that Cloudflare is just providing DNS and the requests will go straight to your server/host/provider.

:orange: - this means that your traffic is proxied through Cloudflare and their additional security & performance benefits are activated.

When you add a DNS record, you get the choice of which you want (unless it’s a record type that cannot be proxied). I suggested setting them all to :grey: to start with while you are getting the new site up and running so you can troubleshoot any issues directly without Cloudflare in the mix.


Ah…I see. Thanks a lot.

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I am asked to change the nameservers at Cloudflare. How do I do that?

This is the instruction from builderall:

As I said before, if your domain is with Cloudflare Registrar, you cannot change the nameservers, but just need to use Cloudflare’s DNS. You would have to transfer away if you need to do this.

The IP addresses listed in the screenshot are for the name servers listed right below it. It looks like OP will have to transfer the domain to a different registrar.

So I cannot create A record with both the different IP addresses shown to me?

Nope. They only gave you Name Server information. You can’t use your authoritative Cloudflare name servers to tell people not to use the Cloudflare name servers.