How to connect domain name with BigCommerce?

Hello. I am attempting to connect my domain name I have registered at Cloudflare with BigCommerce. However, while attempting to use DNS rules on Cloudflare to do so, it causes my domain to display “Error 1000”. When I look this up it tells me that BigCommerce automatically connects with Cloudflare, so Cloudflare is mad I’m doubling up that connection.

I cannot afford the business plans at Cloudflare to connect BigCommerce with o2o, so do I have any alternatives? Or can I literally not use my domain name because I made the mistake of registering it with Cloudflare?

(Please forgive any confusion/ignorance on my part, I have 0 knowledge in all of this and have been frustratingly googling all day trying to find a resolution).

Set the records to DNS Only, that should fix it. I’m guessing BigCommerce uses Cloudflare themselves.

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Can you please explain in more details how this should be done.

It’s a direct toggle in the DNS record’s add/edit UI, you can’t miss it.

Found it, thanks. But still not working. I followed guide for creating A record found on this link:

Then I added the record in Cloudflare(with appropriate data of course) like this:

I’m getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when trying to open it with browser.

What am I missing? Should I add domain to BigCommerce too?

If you are actually DNS Only, it’s something to ask BigCommerce about.

If you didn’t add it yet, you should do so. Never configure something before actually doing the onboarding on the service itself, someone can take advantage of it.

I got it, really appreciate your help and advice.

I finally got it working and below I will list the steps required for everyone that may not know how to configure this properly.

  1. Add existing domain in BigCommerce Manager under Domain tab.
  2. Make sure to assign domain to the right store.
  3. Navigate to Cloudflare dashboard.
  4. Choose domain you previously added to BigCommerce.
  5. Under DNS tab choose records.
  6. Add record with following data:
    • Type: A
    • Name: @
    • IPv4 address: <YOUR_STORE_ADDRESS>
    • Proxy status: Off - DNS only
    • TTL: 1 hr

How To Get Your Store IP Address:

Steps for adding an A record are taken from this docs:

Keep in mind that IP address can change and you’ll be informed when it happens.

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