How to connect device using WARP client to tunnel running from cloudflared in AWS


I have setup WARP client on my device.
I have setup cloudflared on AWS instance which is connected to the tunnel in Cloudflare. The tunnel has also been attached the private CIDR of the AWS instance.

Now my question is how do I connect to the bastion instance using my device. Even if I turn the WARP client on I am not able to connect to the bastion instance using private IP.
I have tried reading the docs and everything but I am not able to figure out what do I need to do next.

Can anyone please guide me??


How are you trying to ‘connect to the bastion’ and what error do you receive?

Yes Using the same link mentioned by you I created a tunnel. My WARP client also is connected and the show fully protected.

I am trying to ssh into he bastion using its private IP using ssh - path/to/pem [email protected] but it says “connection closed by remote host”.
I am not sure what I need to do here. I have already allowed the private IP ssh access in the security group on the instance.

You should troubleshoot this like any other network connectivity issue.

Verify that from the machine running cloudflared you can telnet on port 22 to the same IP address you are specifying in your SSH command. Then review the cloudflared logs for errors.

Ensure that you have enabled HTTP filtering and modified the split tunnel config to allow the IP address range in question. Verify the client has picked up the split tunnel changes for your team./ org.

Repeat the telnet test from the local machine running the Warp client.

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