How to connect Cloudflare to my hosting?

I just linked my domain to cloudflare by going through the cloudflare step by step setup but now how do I point me domain to my host (digital ocean) because the DNS and nameservers are changed. Really confused on this, thank you.

You change the DNS records in Cloudflare to point to your host, you edit these on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. You should be able to find the records you need in your host’s control panel.

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If you went through all the steps, then you should already have the DNS Records @domjh mentioned.

Is something broken?

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Thank you @domjh and @sdayman for the help. I will check the Cloudflare settings. If my domain is mapped because it is part of a multisite network site, could I point the dns to the IP address so DigitalOcean knows where to send my domain?

Digital Ocean doesn’t handle redirects or DNS in this case. They just provide a server and an IP address. It’s up to your server to respond appropriately to requests. Your DNS here needs to point to that IP address.

Does that mean that I need to add my domain to the list of domains in RunCloud associated with this IP address for it to work? I thought that mapping was done at the Wordpress level after the web server pointed the domain there.

Here’s the flow of traffic that I picture in my mind working so maybe someone can chime in and tell me how stupid I am.

  1. Top Level Domain Registrar points to Cloudflare Nameservers
  2. Cloudflare A Records points to DigitalOcean IP Address (RunCloud server)
  3. RunCloud server points IP to the WordPress Multisite
  4. WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping points to my Top Level Domain

How many IP addresses does that server have?

I’m going to guess just the one. Also, when looking at Runcloud, your Wordpress multisite Webapp probably has multiple domain names associated with it in the Runcloud Webapp setting section. Correct?

That should be all you need.

Is something not working?

The server only has one IP address and there is only one domain in RunCloud settings, which is the TLD domain of main wordpress multisite (plus a wildcard subdomain *

I have all settings in place but when I go to my mapped domain in various browsers and devices, I get a “Cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred.” So something is not right.

The moment you start using Cloudflare nameservers, consider it’s your DNS manager.

You need to point the Digital Ocean Droplet IP address at Cloudflare DNS page, something like this

A - -
CNAME - www -

Done. It should start working fine.

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