How To Confirm Origin Server?

Just migrated website from InMotion to Cloudways. Site was active on Cloudflare. Made various DNS changes in Cloudflare. Site has not been deleted at InMotion.

I know DNS changes must propagate but how do I confirm that Cloudflare is pulling from Cloudways server?

I searched a few different terms here relating to this but didn’t find an answer.



I don’t know what logging you have access to with Cloudways if you have access logs then checking the IPs should show Cloudflare’s.

You could also change your DNS record from proxied (:orange:) to DNS only (:grey:) temporarily and wait for the TTL to expire. Once it has then you will be able to check the IP that is being used.

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Hi, please provide you domain, thanks.


  1. Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare


simplest way is make a change on Cloudways server and see if it’s reflected when you access the site i.e. upload a custom text file at say and see if you can access it from your site. If it’s on Cloudways it should show test.html and if on old server should give 404 not found error.


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