How to confirm my domain is on Cloudflare servers

I just got a new client, and bought PrivateEmail through Namecheap. In order to use it I have to plug in DNS records. Namecheap tells me my domain points to Cloudflared servers, but I have no idea how to even confirm that, much less find the DNS records I need. There is no indication of DNS anything in my Cloudflare dashboard, and I’m being told I have no websites. The latter, at least, makes sense. All I’ve done until today is buy the domain. I haven’t build a website for it.

Right now your nameservers (which handle DNS) do not point to Cloudflare. They point to:

dig ns +short

And the email points to PrivateEmail

dig mx +short

Namecheap appears to be mistaken.

I don’t use namecheap as a registrar, but here’s a link from their site which describes how to manage DNS there… I assume that’s the way, but I’m just going by their documentation.

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