How to confirm hosting?

I’m posting to ask how I can verify if Cloudflare hosts my site. We have a site that no current employees have ever maintained or updated, and it suddenly went offline (we get a 401 - Authorization Required with “nginx” displayed). The DNS entry in the whois database points to Cloudflare, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cloudflare hosts it. I tried to open a support request with Cloudflare to ask if they host it but received an automated response that they wouldn’t speak with me because my email address is not associated with the account. Hopefully, that at least confirms there is an account, but I still need to know if THIS site is hosted there so that I can jump through the hoops necessary to regain access (I have the power to re-create former employee email accounts, if necessary, but don’t even know which employee would have been associated with the account). Confirmation that the site is hosted by Cloudflare would be a great start. Confirmation of the email address that is associated with the account would be even better.

Unless you used Cloudflare Pages, your site isn’t hosted by Cloudflare. It may use DNS, the proxy or other Cloudflare features but your site files will be elsewhere.

If you go to the dashboard…
…and press “Forgot your email?” you can enter the domain name and it will email the account holder, hopefully that comes in to your mail server.

If not, you can change the nameservers at your registrar to another Cloudflare account or other DNS provider to take control of the domain. That won’t find your hosting, but will give you the domain name.

If you can give the domain name, it might be possible to find out more from DNS records or history.


I followed your instructions, and it said it would email the account holder. However, part of my issue is that this site is a “subdomain” site and is not maintained by the same department as our primary site or hosted by the same service as our primary site. Our main domain of is fine, but we can’t access the subdomain site. It prompts all users for a password (it used to be available to the public).

That doesn’t matter. The DNS is still handled by Cloudflare. You can tell from the A records returning Cloudflare IPs which indicate that you are proxying the library site. You will definitely want to find staff with access to the Cloudflare account or recover access if no one currently possesses it.

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To add to what says, your DNS for the whole zone is in that Cloudflare zone (and so account). When you need to make any changes to your DNS at all (and that may include changes to your extensive SPF record and supplier verification entries), you need access to the account, or to take control of the DNS.

Best to get a grip on the situation now before something more serious needs sorting out, not just fix the library subdomain hosting.

[add] Your SPF does actually need fixing…


Thank you both for your help and advice. I’ve passed the SPF concerns off to my MSP, and we’re looking into them. I recognize some of the domains listed but have no idea who all those IP addresses belong to!

We finally found the missing site. During all of the turnover that occurred right after Covid, we had some miscommunications that resulted in the site being abandoned with a company that used to manage our main site. That company recently “cleaned up” old abandoned sites.


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