How to configure Outlook now?

Hi guys, I already have Cloudflare configured, but now I see that Outook has stopped loading the emails. What configuration should I do? Thank you!

This is my configuration:

Set the A records for mail and mx to :grey: rather than :orange:

This will expose your origin IP address but unless you can point the MX records to your server subdomain (normally on shared hosting) rather than your domain then there aren’t really any other options.

You say:

I see that sending from webmail does not work

Yes, that screenshot is what I meant, do you still get the error?

Someone else may have ideas but you could try setting webmail to :grey: as well.

Yes, I still have the same error. Could it be propagation? Here I see that Cloudflare IP continues to appear

I have deactivated webmail too:

It could be propagation, see if it works in a bit.

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