How to configure my hosting to use Cloudflare

How to configure my hosting to use Cloudflare
I have just changed my name servers in my domain which is registered in Godaddy, and my website is already active in Cloudflare, my question is the following, how do I configure my Hosting so that my domain points correctly to the server**?**

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Hi @josealonso-22,

You need to edit/add DNS records in Cloudflare to match those required by your web host.

You will most likely need an A record for @ and www, pointing to the IP address of your server, and an MX record if you have @yourdomain email addresses.

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Good morning, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question as soon as possible, I will take all the steps you recommend to solve my problem. I will be informing you as soon as I can follow the steps. Thank you very much again.

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