How to configure internal DNS?

I have set up Cloudflare DNS to point to my website at is a Cloudflare A record to and is a CNAME to that domain.

Right now is set to DNS only but I want to set it to proxy.

My client has internal DNS for

How can he configure his DNS to proxy that subdomain?

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If the records exist, click on :grey: to turn them :orange: on the DNS app of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Thanks for replying Cloonan.

I guess I didn’t explain properly, or maybe I don’t get it.

If I enable the proxy (brown cloud), I know that people using Cloudflare as their DNS (i.e. the public) will get proxied through Cloudflare.

But if my client is using a private internal DNS to point to my web server, will people using his DNS (i.e. on his internal network) get proxied? Won’t they bypass the proxy and go directly to my server?

How can he configure his internal DNS to send his users through the proxy?


It sounds like you have a ‘split brain’ DNS.

In the internal copy of your zone add records as per the CNAME setup. In your case: IN CNAME

As you change the CloudFlare authorative zone between :orange: and :grey: the DNS changes as well, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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That’s what I was looking for.

Thank you.

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