How to Configure Heroku DNS on Cloudflare (exactly)

The directions aren’t fully clear and I’m getting this with curl:

curl -I -L my.domain
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: my.domain

So what I did was this. After creating a custom domain with Heroku CLI, they told me to paste this URL to the DNS manager:

So I went to my site on Cloudflare (which I previously configured with my namecheap provider, setting the Cloudflare nameservers). Then I added a CNAME record with my.domain as the name, and as the domain. I set to 2 minutes. I waited 10 minutes and ran curl again, and it still is showing no connection.

Wondering what I’m doing wrong, and if you could explain exactly how to plug in that Heroku DNS string they give you from the CLI.

Whats the domain in the first place?

There is no such record configured. Can you post a screenshot of what you configured?


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