How to configure Dedicated SSL?

Hello,I purchased Dedicated SSL Certificate from Cloudflare but what i need to do to work with my domain ? My stie still i showing http. How i can configure this ?

What is the “ssl” setting in the SSL/TLS app, and if possible what’s your domain?

Hi, Here is the screenshot

Your domain’s certificate is properly set up, however it is Cloudflare’s standard free Universal certificate. There is no dedicated certificate listed. If you have already purchased it I would contact support in this case.

As for the error message, your web server does not seem to listen on port 443 and hence Cloudflare cant connect.

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I purhased dedicated ssl and have invoice in my account. where i can see dedicated ssl options ? Are yiu going to contact support my case?

Well, it should be there but it isnt, hence the comment regarding support. You purchased it at Cloudflare, right?

You have to do this yourself :wink:

The SSL/TLS app should now show a Dedicated certificate in addition to your Universal one in the Edge Certificates list.

Once I have a valid dedicated certificate, I go to the bottom of the SSL/TLS app and click “Disable Universal SSL” so only my Dedicated certificate is in the system.

Hi, i just got dedicated and installed, still same error on website

The dedicated certificate looks good, but your server isn’t responding. I see you have SSL set to full. If you don’t have a certificate on your server, you’re going to have to set SSL to Flexible.

Flexible option is for universal ssl(Free) right ? . I did not recieve any instruction to install certificate on server,How i can install or where to download ?

No, Flexible is for when your web server doesn’t have its own SSL certificate.

Hello,So i need to buy certicate for self signed ? I am confused,i just bought Cloudflare ssl because i dont want to use godaddy ssl and manuall config,to avoid that i bought Cloudflare ssl

In GoDaddy cPanel go to Security > SSL/TLS > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) > paste your new Cloudflare Origin Certificate & Private Key to GoDaddy’s Certificate: (CRT) and
Private Key (KEY) respectively.

Full install guide is located here

Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)

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