How to Configure/Create a CNAME in Cloudflare

I was on my web host provider (SiteGround) page and I received a message from Cloudflare saying that the DNS Check failed and that I needed to create a CNAME for my domain. I contacted someone from Siteground to help me with this issue. Then, I was told that this had to be done with my domain’s registar (which is Dynadot). I got in contact with someone from dynadot and they were in the process of trying to set this up but, then we reached a little problem which was that I couldn’t have two www subdomains listed (the first one listed is for my web host provider with Siteground). And since I wasn’t sure whether or not deleting that subdomain would mess up anything that’s already linked to Siteground, Dynadot told me to contact Cloudflare (which I realize now doesn’t have a live chat or phone/email support). This is all new to me so whatever help someone can provide I surely appreaciate it… What I’m trying to figure out is where exactly on Cloudflare do I configure/set the CNAME because I was a little confused?

I’d start with this tutorial The DNS Tab and follow the link to adding records. You can also :search: for cname #CommunityTip for a tip on cname setup.

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