How to configure cloudflare to access a multihomed server

I have a server with 2 ip addresses which can route traffic over either ipv4 and ipv6. Recently my IPV4 connection with my ISP went down, rendering my site unavailable. I want to tell Cloudflare to use the IPV6 address as a backup; but only as a backup in the event of an outage.

How do I make such a configuration?

Would be possible with workers, but if you add your AAAA records to your DNS CF will default to those since IPv6 is the future. Why do you want to by default use v4 instead of v6?

I want to default to v4 because that’s the internet connection that I don’t really use. It just sits there as part of the plan with my provider and has a decent upload speed. The ipv6 however is much better, however it is not as stable. It goes down noticeably often.

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