How to configure Cloudflare and AWS S3?

I have two (2) questions regarding Cloudflare and S3:

1.) If I have an AWS S3 bucket named and want Cloudflare to be my CDN it’s my understanding that I’d need to create a CNAME record at Cloudflare pointing “@” to Then I’d need to create a second CNAME record pointing “www” to … but after trying this approach, it didn’t work. In the case of going to, I get object not found, ostensibly b/c Cloudflare isn’t picking up my “index.html” default page from my S3 bucket. And when I go to, I get a bucket not found error message.

What am I doing wrong? And how do I configure Cloudflare to look for an index.html file by default if I don’t specify a page?

2.) I have 5 domain names related to the same website - just different variations of a potentially misspelled domain name. Could I point all 5 of them via Cloudflare to the same AWS S3 bucket?

Thanks for your help in advance.

This article (see URL) by Mike Tabor outlines the process:

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