How to configure automatic transfer of records between IP addresses according to server availability

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I have defined A records for my servers and I define for these servers that if one server fails then everything automatically moves to another place, my problem is that it is a different IP address and the domain records do not change, what is the best way to configure an automatic IP address check? So if the network is not available in one place it will go to another address?

If you have multiple proxied A/AAAA records in the Cloudflare DNS, then Cloudflare will try an alternative if the first does not respond…

For automated health checks to steer to active servers, use the load balancer…

I would be happy to do that, unfortunately cloudflare proxy doesn’t work for RDP and FTP connections so I can’t use with PROXY

If there’s no HTTP, then you’ll have to roll your own health check monitoring and update the Cloudflare DNS using the API whenever there’s a changeover…

If you do have an HTTP endpoint on the servers as well, you could use Cloudlfare healthcheck (needs Pro account) to trigger an email or webhook to a service that calls the API to change the DNS if the HTTP connection isn’t available.

Can you direct me to an article or application that explains how to do this?
I thank you

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