How to config Cloudflare WARP via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

I’m trying to deploy the Cloudflare WARP client via Intune to our Windows devices.
I have downloaded .msi file and upload to Intune and follow the setup instruction on cloudflare documents

The command-line arguments as below:
/quiet ORGANIZATION=“xxxxxx” SERVICE_MODE=“warp” SWITCH_LOCKED=“true” AUTO_CONNECT=“1” SUPPORT_URL=“mailto://xxxxxx”

My goals is the app will be deployed to our user’s device and the device will register with Cloudflare automatically.

Is someone can help me on this ? Thank you !!!

Hi @t.le,

Just for clarity, are you facing any issues? If so, could you give us more details?

To deploy Cloudflare WARP client via Intune, follow these steps:

  • Upload the MSI file to Intune as you’ve done.
  • Create a custom command line using the arguments you provided:
    /quiet ORGANIZATION=“xxxxxx” SERVICE_MODE=“warp” SWITCH_LOCKED=“true” AUTO_CONNECT=“1” SUPPORT_URL=“mailto://xxxxxx”
  • Assign the app to your desired user groups.
  • Once deployment is successful, the devices should register automatically with Cloudflare as per your configuration.

Make sure to replace the “xxxxxx” placeholders with appropriate values for your organization.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes that’s correct.
The Cloudflare WARP is installed on the target devices/users but the devices did not register to Cloudflare automatically.

I also added the client_id and client_secret without luck.

Thank you !!!

When I clicking on the WARP icon. It said ‘Registration missing’ - Your Internet is not private.

To better understand and address the problem, we kindly request your assistance in providing us with the logs from your WARP Client?

This valuable information will greatly aid us in conducting a thorough investigation and resolving the issue effectively.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for the reply.
I can’t upload here so I will send you the Onedrive link: