How to complety hide email server using Cloudflare?

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I am using Cloudflare pages and dns is managed by Cloudflare. Now i have a cpanel server hosting emails. is it possible using Cloudflare hide the email server for example when i send an email or when i check on dnsdumpster i see a Cloudflare ip instead of the actual ip where email is hosted. and also include some Cloudflare ip in the spf to completly hide the original server.

is this somethingpossible with Cloudflare?


If the DNS name is used for non-HTTP traffic (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, whatever), no you can’t orange-cloud it.

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Hi @user4358
is there some other service of Cloudflare i can use to protect smtp/imap server. Hide ip etc. thanks

I doubt something like that exists, either with Cloudflare or elsewhere.

Is there a reason you feel your mail server IP needs to be hidden?

If you don’t trust your ability to keep your mail server secure, you could consider using a third-party mail service for your domain. So your MX records would point to that company’s mail servers instead. And they would receive mail for your domain and likely offer various methods for retrieving it such as POP / IPAP / webmail. And your mail clients could also use their SMTP servers for sending outbound.

I haven’t used it and have no knowledge of it but based on a quick search, Mailgun seems to have some kind of SMTP relay where their servers receive mail for your domain and then forward it to your own SMTP server, meaning they would still need to know your SMTP server but the rest of the world would not SMTP | Mailgun

again I’ve never used this so research carefully

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Hi @user4358

I asked the question here as i was told there is a premium Cloudflare service to help hide mail server. So i suppose i will wait until i can get a response from official Cloudflare or someone who might have used this before.

Thanks for your time

Cloudflare has a forwarding service for inbound email for a domain, where mail first goes to their server and is then sent on to yours. This is not used for sending email, though, only receiving.

Hi @i40west

I am aware of the email relay service and i am using it for some websites. what i am looking for is Cloudflare security to hide origin server which is running using plesk/cpanle control panel for SMPT and IMAP email service.

what i want to achieve with Cloudflare services is to find a solution to completly hide the mail server from the world and instead pretend it is Cloudflare by doing this i can hide the clients and one cannot use 1 client to find all other clients hosted by the same company.


There is no Cloudflare solution for what you want. Running a hosted spam-filtering service as your edge MX will achieve your desired outcome, though, and is better suited to the purpose.

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