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I was using cloudflare on my website for quite a while.

A week or so ago, Ezoic reached out and offered to run their ads on my website. Ezoic uses existing cloudflare integration to work on the website.So I had my website integrated with Ezoic using cloudflare option. That let them configure things not sure how but probably through proxying the existing cloudflare account.

Anyways, my experience with them horrible so in order to remove their access from my website, I simply deleted my website from cloudflare hoping that reinitiating the setup will reset all the settings and parameters so that Ezoic staff can’t acess the website.

However, when I ran the setup again and once I got the nameservers, I saw that cloudflare has probably reinstated the previous setup. For example I had a firewall rule in place which was present again.

So I am not sure if cloudflare is reinstating the previous settings or has reset everything for me or not.

All I want is to keep Ezoic staff away from my website.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.


I am sorry to hear that, but have to admit you are not the only one who was having or who have had a bad experience with them too.

There are few topics here about eZoic :search:

If you can manage your domain at your domain registar, you would need to change your nameservers to Cloudflare one’s firstly.

Therefore, you can manage all the available options to you, regarding your Cloudflare plan, at Cloudflare dashboard. Meaning, eZoic shouldn’t have any managing permissions over your website.

My suggestion, if you still have eZoic login data, log-in to their dashboard and unhook everything, just in case if they still keep your Cloudflare credentials.

Having eZoic integration, you have to know that you manage everything regarding Cloudflare through their eZoic interface.
For example, there were people who made some DNS changes at Cloudflare dashboard, but after some time eZoic removed the new or changes record. And they tought the changes weren’t applied, while in between eZoic altered that changes, etc.

Recent topic about the above stated:

Again, I recommend you to take a look getting started tutorial with Cloudflare:

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I will go thorugh the mentioned links but would like to know if anything specific that I need to check after unhooking Ezoic from cloudflare and my website.

As I am still unsure what to look for to confirm that Ezoic can’t access my website

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